At Explore Montessori, we recognize that summer is a season brimming with opportunities for growth, discovery, and joy. It’s a time when children can explore the world around them in a relaxed and natural way, fully embracing the Montessori philosophy of self-directed learning and exploration. Bozeman also has so many opportunities for summer fun, learning, and community all summer long. 

Embracing Nature and Outdoor Learning

Summer provides an ideal backdrop for children to connect with nature. At Explore Montessori, we encourage children to spend ample time outdoors, engaging with their environment. Whether it’s tending to a garden, observing insects, nature walks, or simply playing in the sunshine, these activities are crucial for developing a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world.

Practical Life Skills in Action

During the summer months, we place a strong emphasis on practical life skills. Children have the freedom to engage in activities such as cooking, gardening, and caring for their environment. These tasks are not only enjoyable but also instill a sense of responsibility and independence. For example, preparing a simple snack can teach measuring, following instructions, and the importance of nutrition. Pouring water lessons are also an easy clean up when done outside as part of water play.

The Joy of Movement

Physical activity is a cornerstone of a healthy summer. At Explore Montessori, we integrate movement into daily routines through activities like yoga, hiking, and free play. These activities not only support physical health but also contribute to cognitive development and emotional well-being. Create a summer bucket list of playgrounds and trails you want to try this summer. 

Creative Exploration

Summer is a wonderful time for children to explore their creative sides. We provide various materials and opportunities for art, music, and imaginative play. Whether it’s painting, crafting, or storytelling, these activities allow children to express themselves and develop their unique talents. Many of these creations can be combined with nature as we find items on our nature walks or create feeders for the birds visiting our school.

Continuous Learning

Learning doesn’t stop during the summer at Explore Montessori. We maintain a prepared environment that invites children to continue exploring academic concepts in a hands-on, engaging way. This might include exploring mathematical concepts through building projects, delving into science with nature experiments, or enhancing literacy through storytelling and journaling. 

Community and Social Interaction

Summer at Explore Montessori also emphasizes the importance of community and Bozeman is  a wonderful place for finding or creating your family’s ideal community. Through group activities and collaborative projects, children learn the value of cooperation, empathy, and respect for others. These experiences are vital for social development and help to build strong, positive relationships. Be sure to continue this during family time by attending art walks, farmers markets, community races, or other festivals that fit your families interests.


At Explore Montessori, summer is more than just a break from school; it’s an opportunity for holistic development. By embracing the Montessori principles of independence, respect for the child, and a love of learning, we create a summer experience that is enriching, fulfilling, and joyful. Join us in making this summer a time of wonder and growth for your child.

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