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Explore Piccolo


is our infant and toddler program. It is separated into 3 small classes to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of pre-walking infants and toddlers with low ratios of one adult to every four children. We are licensed for children 6 weeks through 24 months however, we often graduate children from this program earlier if ready (as young as 18 months).  We truly consider the development, personality, and what is best for each child and the school as a whole. We believe Montessori begins at birth and follow the Montessori Method for infants and toddlers.

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Explore Pre-Primary

is for children (approximately) 18 months-3.5 years old. Our mixed age classes focus on developing independence through hands on learning and exploration. We believe in the power of play based learning. Problem solving, creativity, and willingness to take risks are just a few of the skills developed through play. We offer structured, child-led one-on-one lesson times with experienced guides as well as group activities that encourage large motor skill development. Arts & Crafts, interacting with nature and lots of stories happen in our Pre-Primary classes!



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Explore Primary

is for children (approximately) 3 to 6 years of age and uses the Montessori Method of learning to encourage children to grow and explore at their own pace. In this age group we offer both pre-school and kindergarten and have lots of opportunities for self guided exploration, learning and development of fine and large motor skills using free play and Montessori Materials.  

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Our classroom is set up with 5 Learning Areas as well as our outdoor space:



  • Language: In the language area of the classroom, your child will begin learning about letters, phonics sounds, and reading. 


  • Sensorial: In the sensorial area of the classroom, your child will learn to notice details like color, shape, texture, smell, sound, weight and temperature. In other words, they’ll use their five senses to learn important details about their world.


  • Math: In the mathematics area, your child will learn skills that will help them master math courses later on. Montessori materials are meant to be self-correcting, which helps your child become an independent learner. They can see for themselves if they made a mistake, and then correct it.


  • Cultural Studies: The cultural studies area is where your children will learn about the greater world around them. This area contains items pertaining to geography, history, science, art and music. In many classrooms, this is also where you’ll find items related to botany and zoology.


  • Practical Life: In the Montessori philosophy, independence is valued, and it’s important for children to practice daily practical skills that are useful in life outside of the classroom. That’s the focus of the practical life skills area of the classroom.

Explore Elementary

is for children (approximately) 6-12 years old. Our mixed age classes focus on developing independence through hands-on learning and exploration. We believe in the power of socratic discussions, learner driven environments, and adventurous quests to inspire our young heroes to find their calling.

Problem solving, creativity, and willingness to take risks are just a few of the skills developed through our learner led systems. 

Each day our learners make decisions, habits, character, and destiny through small steps to find their talents and ultimately their calling.



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Explore Middle School

is for children (approximately) 12-15 years of age and uses experiential learning, outdoor adventure, and student autonomy to foster growth and exploration. The young people become vital members of the local community through internships & volunteer work. They are well versed in developing self knowledge and becoming the heroes they envision.

They work together to become expert colaborators and plan an out of state trip to celebrate a successful year!

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Our studio serves as the homebase as our Middle Schoolers are out in the community as much as they are in the classroom.

Apprenticeships:  Through research, our middle schoolers identify jobs and industries that align with their skills and interests. Once they have narrowed down one or two target opportunities, they develop a “pitch” that highlights the value they would bring to a particular business, organization, or person in a one-week apprenticeship. Apprenticeship opportunities are limited only to what the students can identify and make happen. Students at other Acton schools have done apprenticeships at an architecture firm, construction company, clothing designer, professional sports team, and carpenter shop.

These early experiences finding and pursuing opportunities and creating value for others are invaluable for students as they prepare for the work world ahead.


Adventure: Students engage in a range of exciting activities, such as exploring national monuments and parks, embarking on kayaking expeditions at the Rotary Park, skiing at Bridger Bowl, and touring various sites like factories, architecture firms, warehouses, and construction sites.

These thrilling excursions serve as catalysts, empowering and connecting students as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and determine their aspirations. These adventures often pose significant mental and physical challenges, built into transformative rites of passage that commemorate significant milestones and foster deep friendships.

By the time they complete their middle school education, students emerge as resilient and self-reliant young adults, fully prepared to tackle their next remarkable adventure in high school and beyond.

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