Why Montessori?

The Montessori Method, developed by Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, is a child-centered educational approach. It nurtures order, coordination, concentration, and independence. 

  1.  Mixed age classrooms foster a “family” style of learning exposing children to different learning styles and allowing them to become leaders, mentoring those around them.
  2.  Confidence is gained through healthy independent exploration and uninterrupted work time.
  3. Individualized curriculum supports each child’s unique interests and development.
  4.  Classrooms are designed to support children, not teachers, and emphasizes the development of the child’s intellectual, physical, moral, social and emotional development.
  5.  Hands-on learning, self-directed activity and collaborative play allow children to make creative choices in their learning while Montessori Guides offer age appropriate activities to facilitate the process.


Montessori education is a great fit for families wishing to help their child develop self confidence, fundamental mastery, and a love of learning.

Interested in seeing what a typical day looks like at Explore Montessori? Check out our classroom schedules, below!

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