Why Explore Montessori?

Why Explore Montessori & Academy?

Because we believe in unlocking each child’s genius through kindness, community, and delight.

  • Explore Piccolo is our infant and toddler program. It is separated into 3 small classes to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of pre-walking infants and toddlers up to 24 months with low ratios of one adult to every four children. We are licensed for children 6 weeks through 24 months however, we often graduate children from this program earlier if ready (as young as 18 months).  We truly consider the development, personality, and what is best for each child and the school as a whole. We believe Montessori begins at birth and follow the Montessori Method for infants and toddlers.

  • Explore Montessori is our preschool and kindergarten program. We are licensed for children 18 months to 6 years old and have 2 mixed age classrooms: Pre-Primary for children (approximately) 18 months-3.5 and Primary for children (approximately) 3-6 years old. All early education classes follow the Montessori Method based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our Guides have years of experience and education working with children and continually seek to enrich themselves with educational opportunities and certifications.

     To meet the developmental needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners, all carefully prepared environments offer hands-on materials to       allow children to explore, make their own discoveries, work at their own pace, and experience the joy of learning. As their Guides, our mission is to guide           them to find their calling by creating a safe, inspiring, learner-driven environment.

  • At Explore Academy, each child will…
      •  Begin a Hero’s Journey
      •  Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner.
      • Develop a deep respect for economic, political and religious freedoms.
      • Cherish the arts, wonders of the physical world and the mysteries of life on Earth.
      • Discover his or her most precious gifts and learn to use them to solve difficult problems.

We are currently enrolling for our NEW Elementary and Middle School classes and are actively seeking interested families! We are excited to discuss a future at Explore Academy with you. Please choose the Learn More: Explore Academy button and we will contact you to discuss  our options.

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