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Morgan Stirling – Director

Our director Morgan Stirling is a dedicated childcare professional with a wealth of experience in early childhood education. Morgan’s journey through various roles in the childcare field has enriched her with a profound understanding of nurturing and guiding young minds.


Morgan’s journey began as a Childcare Teacher, in Rigby, ID, where she honed her ability to provide attentive care to infants and toddlers. Her dedication to routine and adherence to schedules created a stable foundation for young learners. Her talents and dedication lead her to be the Director of that school. After 4 years of service she left for a leadership role in another center in Rexburg, ID where she simultaneously earned her associates degree. We are excited she and her husband have decided to move to Bozeman to start their life together with our Explore Piccolo family!

Iris Piccillo teacher

Kelsey Gillespie

Kelsey Gillespie, a passionate childcare professional dedicated to creating a nurturing environment that encourages children to flourish. Kelsey has 2 young children and a keen understanding of the significance of early education, Kelsey’s dedication to our Explores class is evident in every daily interaction and the glow on her face as she works with each child in her care.

Kelsey is thrilled that she will be supported in her continued education at Explore Piccolo and will, no doubt, be a leader in her classroom as she applies the knowledge she is aquiring in our training programs!

Laurynn Fleming

Laurynn Fleming is our dedicated Nido teacher at Explore Piccolo. With a passion for early childhood education, Laurynn blends care and organization to create a nurturing environment for our youngest learners. Her meticulous approach ensures a safe and engaging space where infants thrive. Laurynn’s enthusiasm for her role is evident as she embraces the joys and challenges of caring for infants, making her a valued addition to our community.

Taylor Springer Teacher

Kendra Carlson

Kendra Carlson brings the unique perspective of a mom and former business owner, she brings rich experience and compassion to her role. Her relatable approach fosters trust and partnership with children and parents alike. Kendra’s journey has honed her ability to create a nurturing environment that supports diverse needs.

Explore Montessori–Kagy

Sarah Head of School Explore Montessori child led education enriching nurturing fun kindness community delight

Sarah Smith

– Head of School

(ABOUT ages 3-6 years)

Sarah Smith is our Head of Primary and has been teaching at Explore Montessori since August 2021. She has her Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently working towards earning her Montessori Teacher Certification.

She has been teaching children for 20 years and develops and implements her own curriculum in both the common core and (UK) National Curriculum. Previously, Sarah taught in outdoor classrooms in both Brooklyn and London and incorporates the lessons she learned in those classrooms into the curriculum for her Primary Class. She finds joy in  guiding children to interact with their outdoor surroundings and learning from nature. 

Sarah is a mother to two children, enjoys crocheting and considers herself a happy home-buddy. She enjoys teaching Montessori because of the freedom to alter direction and instruction based on the individual child giving them the encouragement to explore and learn at their own pace.

Jillian Gonzales

Meet Jill, our exceptional guide team member who brings a wealth of childcare experience and a strong educational background with her. With an impressive track of managing and supervising child center locations for prominent national health organizations; her passion is undeniable. Jill currently is completing her Montessori Lead certification and is planning on completing her secondary education degree in the fall. 

Jillian wearing Explore Shirt
Philip Primary Teacher Explore Montessori child led education enriching nurturing fun kindness community delight

Phillip Molina

Phillip is a dedicated educator with valuable experience in a Montessori-based setting, where he has interacted with children from all walks of life. He finds joy in teaching and fostering growth and development. Phillip’s passion for education and his ability to create engaging learning environments make him a beloved teacher among the students.

Explore Montessori

Bethany Radovich

Bethany Radovich is a valued member of our team. Her passion for Disney is infectious, and she enjoys sharing her enthusiasm with others. Bethany’s adventurous spirit extends beyond her Disney fandom, as she has also participated in archaeological digs, allowing her to gather unique experiences that she eagerly shares with others.

Bethany has a diverse range of experience working with children. She has been involved in childcare for 14 years, working with kids of various age groups. She spent a year at a preschool and an afterschool care program, caring for children aged 18 months through 8th grade. Additionally, she has dedicated two years to babysitting and nannying, providing personalized care and support to families. Bethany’s experience also extends to summer camps, where she has worked with children ranging from 3rd grade to high school.

Kori Educator teacher guide montessori childcare education

Kori Richardson-Pech

Kori is a dedicated and experienced teacher here at Explore, gifting us with years of experience working with children. Kori has proved herself invaluable for the past seven months she has been with us. With her Montessori certification, Kori’s commitment to professional development is evident in her participation in health and family development classes. With Kori’s passion for teaching coupled with her extensive background, she creates a nurturing and enriching environment for our students to thrive.

Francheska Orr 

Francheska is an experienced and caring Montessori teacher, with a background in previous daycares and other child-centered care. Her dedication and compassion make her an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring a warm and enriching learning environment for all of our students.

Francheska Pre-Primary classroom

“Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.”

– Maria Montessori

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